If a client's name has been misspelled, you will need to access their Marketplace application:

  • Log in to your agent dashboard
  • Search the client's name as it appears on their Marketplace application
  • Click on the client's name
  • In the client's HealthSherpa application, click on the Access in hc.gov button.
  • Once you are logged into the Marketplace, search for the client's application, using the spelling of the name that was included during the original application submission.
  • In the client's marketplace application, on the left-hand side of the screen click on Report a Life Change and from there you can change the spelling of the client’s name. You will need to continue through the entire application and Return to Enrollment Partner's website in order for the change to go through.
  • Give the Marketplace a few days to process the change and submit an updated 834 to the carrier
  • You can also change information on an application by making a 3-way call with the Marketplace (agent, client, and Marketplace representative).

Important note: If you or your client calls the Marketplace, please be sure your agent NPN is attached to the application. Sometimes there can be issues through CMS with all online applications submitted through any web based entity. If an application is accessed to report changes or update client information, the agent's information may be stripped away. Additionally, we have heard reports of Healthcare.gov not updating their search interface's criteria database in a timely manner. This results in agents not being able to locate applications in Healthcare.gov when a client's name or birth date are updated on their application. If you are unable to locate your client's application after changing the spelling of their name, please give HealthSherpa Agent Support a call at 888-684-1373 or reach out to us by email at agent_support@healthsherpa.com to let us know so we can work to resolve this.

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