Get paid to refer applications to HealthSherpa!

We pay up to $125 per referred application

  • This helps you get paid faster—we pay you in 60 days or less!

  • Choose only the carriers you want to refer, opt-out anytime.

  • If you refer a client this year, you can always take them back next year.

  • We only do ACA/Marketplace enrollments, so you can always continue working with these clients for any other products outside of ACA.

  • We’ll remind your referred clients to complete follow-up tasks to make sure they stay covered - like submitting documents and paying premiums.

How it works

1. Turn on Referrals

Go to the Referrals section on your HealthSherpa dashboard. Turn the Referrals setting to "On."

2. Select which Carriers you'd like to refer

Go to your Carrier Settings to choose which Carriers you'd like to Refer.

3. Submit enrollments for referred Carriers

Any enrollments you submit with the Carriers you've chosen to refer will have the HealthSherpa NPN applied. Enrolling a referral works exactly the same as normal enrollments – you will see one extra screen at the end that asks you to confirm that you'd like to refer the enrollment. Clients you refer will receive a followup email that explains the referral program and ensures they understand why their Agent of Record is a HealthSherpa employee.

4. Track the referral

Once enrolled, the Client will appear on your Referrals page.

5. Get paid

HealthSherpa will pay you your referral bonus within 60 days of a successful application submission.

Note: You'll be prompted to set up payments and a W-9 on your Referrals page after you've submitted your first Referral. You can choose whether to get paid via direct deposit, or check. If you choose to be paid by check, the address you input on your W-9 is where your check will be sent.

A few $25 Carriers

There are a handful of Carriers who don't pay any commission. For these carriers, we'll still pay you a bonus, but at a reduced $25 per enrollment. You can see a list of these Carriers on your Referrals page.

How Referrals works with self-enrolling clients

Every HealthSherpa Agent account comes with a free Marketing & Enrollment website you can use to allow clients to self-enroll. Normally your NPN is applied to every self-enrollment done through your site. If you have Referrals turned on, then self-enrollments done under Carriers you've set to refer will act as normal Referrals—they'll have our NPN, will appear on your Referrals page, and you'll get the normal bonus.

Want to refer all ACA clients our way—full service?

Want HealthSherpa to handle all ACA enrollments for you, while getting paid the same Referral cash bonus for every single application? We have a separate account called a "Referrals Account" that lets you do this.

For these accounts our team does full-service enrolling: from plan selection and enrollment to servicing and renewal.

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