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How do I get paid?

Commission payments

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You are paid by the insurance carriers that you are appointed/contracted with. HealthSherpa lets you set your NPN to be applied to applications, but other than that, HealthSherpa is not involved in the payment process between you the agent, and the carrier.


Very important! – The appointments you set on HealthSherpa have NO EFFECT on your commissions.

During the onboarding process, we ask you to indicate the states where you are licensed and the carrier appointments that you have within those states. (You can update this list at any times on your Carrier Settings page.)

Each carrier pays out their agents a bit differently, so we recommend reaching out to those carriers you are appointed with directly for guidance on the commission process. 


You can also get paid a up to $200 referral bonus for applications using our Referrals program. Select any carriers you'd like to refer, we'll become the AOR, and we'll pay you the referral bonus for each application under your referred carriers. Learn all about Referrals here.

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