When you create an account with HealthSherpa, we prompt you to check off which states you are licensed in, and which carriers you are appointed with in those states. If you skip this step, or gain an appointment after creating your account, you can manage this under “Carriers”.

These settings will determine the carriers that are displayed when you run a quote, or when a client runs a quote from your direct link.  We give preference to the carriers that you are appointed with, showing these plans first in the “Plan Results” view. 

Please Note: your clients have access to other insurance companies through filter controls, as CMS guidelines state that all plans available on Healthcare.gov must be displayed. 

For example: When you are quoting or a client is quoting from your direct link, the carriers that you are appointed with are automatically checked off and shown first. The other carrier plans are available, but need to be manually checked off to be shown in the “Plan Results” view.

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