You can now earn extra bonuses from select carriers when you submit enrollments through HealthSherpa.

These carriers have partnered with us to supplement their existing commission and bonus programs.

How it works

  • Each bonus is active for a limited time — We'll announce bonuses via email and in-product banners. To qualify, you must submit the enrollment while the bonus is active. See below for a screenshot example of an active bonus.
  • Exclusive to HealthSherpa — these bonuses are only paid when you enroll through HealthSherpa.
  • Fast payments — bonuses are paid out by HealthSherpa within 60 days.
  • This is an added bonus — These are paid in addition to any other commissions, bonuses, and overrides already offered by carriers.
  • This is not a referral — you remain the Agent of Record
, your NPN goes on the enrollment.


  • You must be appointed with the carrier to qualify.
  • You must submit the enrollment through HealthSherpa to qualify.


Are you acting as an FMO?

HealthSherpa is not acting as an FMO/agency, and participation in this program has no effect on your agency relationships.

How do I track and receive payments?

We're building a section of the product where you'll be able to see all your outstanding and paid bonuses and set a payment delivery method. Until that launches, we'll reach out to you via email to gather a W-9 and send the payment over.

Does this apply to double-redirect enrollments?

Yes, this applies whether you use our double-redirect application or our EDE application.

Are the carriers aware of these bonuses?

Yes, we partner with carriers to offer this program.

Where do these bonuses apply?

Each campaign will specify the regions in which the bonus applies.

How will I know when a bonus is active?

When you see a banner announcing the bonus and a label on the plan card, as shown below, that means the bonus is active. Bonuses run for a limited time only.

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