Please note: This feature is being tested with a small group of beta users. We’ll soon be launching it to everyone.

Tired of wondering about the status of your client’s Follow-up documents?

Wonder no more—with HealthSherpa, you’ll get an email whenever your clients’ Follow-up documents have a status change. You’ll never need to manually track and check Follow-ups again—we’ve got you covered!

Here’s an example of the email you’ll receive:

This will be most useful for notifying you when a document is required, when a document is approved, or if and when an uploaded document is deemed insufficient. This helps ensure your client doesn’t lose savings or coverage due to missing a Follow-up deadline.

How the emails work

For any of your applications that have EDE (Enhanced Direct Enrollment) enabled, we’ll send you an email when a Follow-up Documents status is updated.

These emails are sent once a day at 3:00am EST, and contain any status updates that occurred in the prior 24 hours.

Your clients do not receive these emails, only you do. Your clients receive a similar email from

We get Follow-up data directly from the Marketplace through EDE – so whether you or your client upload a Follow-up Document on or HealthSherpa, you’ll still receive these emails in the same way.

What you’re notified of

These emails include notifications for all of the required Follow-ups that may occur:

All DMIs (Data Matching Issues)

  • Verify income
  • Verify citizenship
  • Verify incarceration
  • Verify immigration status
  • Verify social security number
  • Verify tribe membership
  • Verify ineligibility for employer-sponsored coverage
  • Verify ineligibility for non-employer sponsored coverage

All SVIs (SEP Verification Issues)

  • Verify loss of coverage
  • Verify relocation
  • Verify marriage
  • Verify adoption
  • Verify Medicaid or CHIP denial

An email is sent if any of the above Follow-ups have a change to their status. Below is a list of all possible statuses.

  • Documents required – This means a new document is required. This most often occurs right when you submit an application.
  • Insufficient documents – This means that the document you uploaded was not sufficient, so you need to upload a new document.
  • Resolved – This means that the document you uploaded was approved.
  • Deadline passed – This means the deadline to submit a document has passed.
  • Obsolete – This means the document is no longer required.

Viewing additional details

You can view the full details about any Follow-up status (and much more) in the Marketplace Notices section of a Client Profile.

How to turn these emails on & off

Navigate to your Settings page, scroll down, and you’ll see a toggle to turn these emails on or off.

If you have any feedback on this feature, email

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