HealthSherpa now allows you to add on-exchange stand-alone dental policies! 

You can add a dental plan while you're shopping for a health plan, or later—as long as your client is still within the enrollment window. 

Here's how to add a dental policy: 

1) Click Quote

2) Choose a health plan

3) Choose a dental plan

4) Start Application

What else do I need to know about dental?

  • You must have a Marketplace health plan to add a stand alone on-exchange dental plan. 
  • HealthSherpa displays dental plans that are available for adults + children. We do not yet offer child-only dental plans. 
  • The payment rules & deadlines are the same as health—make your first payment by the end of the month after your effective date.
  • You can add or change a dental plan as long as a client is still in their enrollment window
  • Make sure to check the Summary of Benefits for limits and exclusions - for example Marketplace dental coverage plan is not required to cover pre-existing conditions (you can access SOB by clicking on the Plan Details button). 

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