Approximately 90-95% of the applications you submit will stay entirely on HealthSherpa.

A small number (~5-10%) of applications with "complex cases" will require a redirect to 

Don't worry, we will identify these for you and redirect you to when necessary. Once you complete the application on you will be redirected back to HealthSherpa to finalize the plan. These clients will appear in your Clients section of your dashboard.

Here are a list of some complex cases that may need to be redirected to

  • American Indian and Alaskan Natives
  • Applicants with no home address, living separately or living at home address that is in a different state than where they are applying for coverage
  • Applicants who are not planning to file a tax return or married applicants who are not filing a joint tax return
  • Applicants responsible for a child 18 or younger who lives with them but is not included on tax return
  • Applicants who are offered coverage through their job, someone else’s job, or COBRA
  • Applicants with dependent children who are over 25 or who are married
  • Applicants with dependent children living with a parent not on their tax return applying for coverage
  • Applications where dependents that are applying are not being claimed on taxes. 

In the event you would like to jump directly to, you can use the "Double Redirect" button on the first page of the application or the Search with button on the Start an application screen. 

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