EDE is a technology that allows approved third parties to integrate with Healthcare.gov. We are one of very few Marketplace enrollment platforms that use EDE and we were the first platform CMS approved to use EDE.

With EDE enabled, you can do it all – without visiting Healthcare.gov.

EDE lets you do everything listed below directly in your HealthSherpa account—without being redirected to Healthcare.gov:

  • Submit and edit applications (with pre-filled renewals!)
  • Add applications from Healthcare.gov to your Client List
  • Change plans
  • See current application status
  • Upload follow-up documents and see their status
  • Make binder payments
  • NEW: Download your clients' 1095A documents
  • NEW: See who the Agent of Record is on each application
  • NEW: See all your client's Marketplace Notices (PDFs)

Note: when you enable EDE on your account, you still keep the option to use our double-redirect for applications, whenever you like.

How to enable EDE on your account

Enabling EDE is easy – click the Enable EDE button seen below, and you'll just answer a few questions to verify your identity and NPN. Boom.

Using our EDE application

Click the "Start application" link in the top bar, which takes you here:

To use our EDE application, fill out the left side and press Search – CMS requires that you search to see if an existing application exists before you can start a new application. If there is an existing application, you'll be able to use it (pre-filled). If there's not, you'll be able to start a new application.

One the right side of the screen above, you'll see the other option – the double-redirect application that sends you off to Heatlhcare.gov.

After you enable EDE on your account, you'll then want to convert your old applications to EDE

When you enable EDE on your account, the existing applications in your account won't automatically become EDE-enabled.

There are 2 ways to EDE-enable your applications:

  • Submit the application – whether it's a new application, a renewal, updated plan selection, or just reporting life changes.
  • Click the "Enable EDE" button you'll see at the top of the application, seen here:

Questions? Feedback? Email agents@healthsherpa.com, or use the chat feature.

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