When your clients go to your "Direct Link" provided on your "Marketing" tab, this is the process they will go through to enroll. 

First, they will come to your landing page, where they see your name and NPN in the upper-left. They will enter their zip code, name, email, and phone number to begin a quote. 

They will select the members of their household that need coverage, and provide their basic information (age, gender, tobacco user, etc). 

They will then provide their household size and income. An income calculator is provided so they can estimate based on hourly, weekly, monthly, or annual wages. 

They will see if they are eligible for a subsidy and cost sharing reduction. 

During Special Enrollment, they will list their Qualifying Life Event. 

Then they will see their plan results, where they can sort by premium, deductible, max out-of-pocket, etc. 

They can also click "Compare" at the bottom of the plans to do a side-by-side comparison for up to 5 plans.

To select a plan, they will click "Enroll", and then they will begin their application.

Note: All applications submitted through your link will have your name and NPN attached.

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