Did you know that we'll pay you to refer non-appointed applications to HealthSherpa? We pay $100 each during OEP and $50 during SEP!

  • This helps you get paid for ALL applications you write, not just appointed
  • Opt-in or opt-out anytime
  • If you refer a client this year, you can always take them back next year.
  • We only do ACA/Marketplace enrollments, you can always continue working with these clients for any other products outside of ACA.

Once you opt into the referral program, if your client chooses a plan with a carrier you are not appointed with, you'll refer that client to HealthSherpa. HealthSherpa will become the agent of record and we will pay you the referral bonus.

What about next year?

Next year, you can either enroll them with a carrier you are appointed with and become the agent of record again, or if they choose a plan with a carrier you are not appointed with, you can refer them to HealthSherpa again to get another referral bonus.  

How to join: 

  1. Head to the Referrals section on your HealthSherpa dashboard

Make sure your referral setting is on and you have signed our referral agreement. Once you have joined, you can refer any clients who choose a plan with a carrier you are not appointed with.

    2. Track the referral

Once enrolled, the referral will appear on your "Referrals" page where you can track which clients have been referred.

    3. Get paid

Fill out and submit your W-9 after your first referral submission, and HealthSherpa will send you a check for the total amount of your referral bonus within 60 days of a successful application submission.


How to set it up:

Access the “Referrals” tab within your dashboard and turn referral setting to “On”. On this page, you also have the choice to filter out carriers that you are not appointed with when shopping for plans.

Sign the referral agreement (Joint Marketing Agreement). 

Make sure your carrier appointments are up to date by accessing the “Carriers” section of your dashboard. This is how we know where you are appointed. 

IMPORTANT: Once you turn the referral setting on, any carriers that are left unchecked in your carrier settings will be referred

 What does a referral look like?

Choose a plan with a carrier you are not appointed with to start the referral process. 

Note: this says $50 – during OEP it is $100.

Note: You can also refer using your "Direct Link" located under your "Marketing" tab. If the client chooses a non-appointed carrier when enrolling themselves, it will also process as a referral.

When you process your first referral application, you will be prompted to complete a W-9 on the referral tab. The address you input on your W-9 is where your check will be sent. 

You can track referred clients on the referral page in your dashboard. Once the application is successfully submitted, you’ll get your referral payments within 60 days. 

Want HealthSherpa to handle all ACA enrollments for you, while getting paid the referral cash bonus for every single application? Click here to learn more.  

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