What is the FMO?

The FMO is an opportunity HealthSherpa offers agents to become sub-appointed with us for products offered both on and off exchange.
The standard top tier producer level commission will be the contract level for all the insurance companies we offer. A state-by-state comprehensive commission schedule is available via the FMO tab in the HealthSherpa Agent Dashboard. 

Agents will receive 100% commissions, however advances are not offered through our agency. Commission payouts vary based off of the insurance company. Some are paid directly to the agent from each insurance company. Some companies may require commissions be paid to HealthSherpa, and at the end of the month payments will be sent to the agent. Though payments are sent out at the end of every month, commissions reflect the prior month’s business. For example, January commissions are received end of February, February’s end of March, etc.

How it works: 

Login to access your agent dashboard 

Access the “FMO” tab located on the left hand side of the screen.

Note: Click “View” to review carrier specific commission schedule information.

Within this tab you can click “Request” to apply for a sub appointment with a particular carrier.

Note: You can request a new sub appointment or transfer an existing sub appointment to HealthSherpa.

Once submitted, our FMO team will reach out with carrier-specific follow up information and contracting instructions.

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