Send a message to all your clients who need to renew – with just a click!

How it works

1. Select clients

Press the "Renewal email" button on your Dashboard. By default, this will include every client who hasn't renewed. If you only want to email certain clients, select them first, then press the "Renewal email" button.

2. Customize the email

From here you can customize your email message, change your reply-to email, run a test email, and when you're ready, send the final email out.

The email includes a button to renew. This points to your custom HealthSherpa marketing link, where any enrollments have your NPN applied. (If you prefer your clients contact you to enroll, rather than self-enroll, just update the custom message to make that clear to them.)

3. Your clients receive the email

Your client will receive an email from you, which looks like this:

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