It's important to set your Carrier appointments accurately for two reasons:

If your Referral setting is turned ON:

Any enrollments from any Carriers that you've not set as "appointed" will be referred.

If your Referral setting is turned OFF:

When you're shopping for plans, by default you'll only see plans from the Carriers you're appointed with. But you can easily bring non-appointed Carriers back into view by clicking the filters here:

How to set Carrier appointments:

From your dashboard, access the “Carriers” page

This section allows you to update the states you are licensed in and edit the carriers that you are appointed with. Click "Edit your appointments".

Add states you're licensed in, and select which Carriers you're appointed with:

*Note: If you have your referral setting turned on, applications processed with carriers that are left unchecked (not appointed) will be processed as a referral application.

Once you have updated your appointments, click "Done" on the upper-right to save. Now you are ready to quote, where you can also filter available plans by carrier based off of your appointments!

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