Simultaneous log-in

  1. As you are able to use your FFM username and FFM password on, you are probably experiencing one of's simultaneous log-in rules.
  2. If an agent was logged into recently and doesn't log out of that session, then tries to log back in, the agent might not be able to log back in. The agent may see the following message: Logout from marketplace to login as Agent
  3. We recommend waiting 1-2 hours or if the agent needs to get back in. Or the agent can reset the web browser's cookies and cache, then attempt logging into during the double re-direct. 


  1. If you have three consecutive unsuccessful login attempts to, your account will be locked. To reset or unlock your EUA account, you need to call CMS helpdesk or unlock it in CMS.
  2. Sometimes if you log-in to and you don't log-out, you can also experience problems logging back in to So if you're in, don't just exit the window or browser, remember to always log-out from

New password

  1. CMS requires agents to change their password every 180 days. CMS will usually send the agent an email reminder prompting them to do so, otherwise this change can be made by visiting and logging in there. 
  2. When the password has been changed, it is important that when you access the Marketplace from your HealthSherpa dashboard, that you type in your new password in the agent login screen. Often times, your browser will auto-fill your old password because you changed your password in a different screen, so make sure that the new one is typed in to prevent your account from locking.  


  • To change your CMS password or gain access to your locked account, you can call 855-267-1515, which is the CMS IT Service desk and they will be able to assist you with this.
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