This can be confusing. To the Marketplace, there is a difference between being the agent of record on the enrollment that is sent to the insurance company and being an authorized user on the account. An authorized user doesn't need to be an agent. It can be any friend or family member that is authorized by the applicant to speak on their behalf. This authorization is typically done over the phone between all three parties:, the authorized user (or in your case, you, the agent), and the applicant. Once this is taken care of, you can speak on behalf of your client to the Marketplace. However, you do not need this to speak with us or the carrier.

Additionally, you can access your client's entire application on the Federal Marketplace by using the "access" button on your HealthSherpa dashboard without going through the process of becoming an authorized user on the account. There you can submit payment and verification documents:

  • Log in to your HealthSherpa dashboard
  • Click "Access" towards the top right hand side of the screen
  • Indicate the state the application was submitted for
  • Log in to
  • Look up the application
  • Click on Update Application when the client's information pulls up
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